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Cost-effective, flexible, and readily available solutions customizable to our client´s needs.

Glocal Health India Nordic Private Limited is an Indian sale and production company, that develop and provide patient centered advanced healthcare products and services, that are cost effective, sustainable and with high availability for all through a Global AI supported healthcare services platform, customized to Local conditions.

The company is an Indo Nordic company with shareholders from India, Sweden and Denmark. The Glocal Health India Nordic has established a strategic Innovation Center in Copenhagen. The Innovation center has the purpose of attracting Nordic/European Life Science companies to the Living Lab facility in Pravara for testing and localizing the Nordic/European technologies/solutions to the Indian market and climate situation.

Glocal Health will revolutionize the delivery of healthcare

Certified healthcare solutions for global, regional, and local needs. Cost-effective, flexible, and readily available solutions customizable to our client´s needs. We combine global cloud-based knowledge and information management with local flexible mobile units, equipment, and resources.

Glocal global services

Global services for knowledge- and information management, telemedicine, education, research, QA and logistics using our network of medical professionals, partners and advisors.

Glocal health units

Certified healthcare mobile/semi-mobile solutions that improve cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and readily available solutions customizable to our customer´s need.

Glocal sustainability

We offer sustainable solutions that provides ‘green’ electricity, clean water, internet/telecom and basic healthcare services. The concept “Glocal Sustainability” brings a basic healthcare infrastructure to remote rural locations, disaster zones, or military bases.

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The permanent Living Lab facility in Pravara

We have established a Living Lab, named Glocal Health India Nordic Institute with the Pravara Medical & Science trust as the 100 pct owner of the institute. The purpose of the non profit institute is to promote the development of flexible, available, cost-effective, and scalable healthcare solutions, based on local mobile units, India/Nordic technology - and service integration and environmental and climate solutions to the India - and international markets.

Scalable Mobile & Sustainable Solution


Patient Centered Healthcare Services

Customized and patient centered healthcare services with high availability. The Mobile healthcare unit move to patient instead of patient need to travel to the main hospital. We have quick advanced Imaging processes, by use of Global AI supported healthcare services, customized to Local conditions. The mobile healthcare unit and semi automatic diagnostic processes to offload heavy duty hospital departments.


Global Services

Second opinion global services through closed base telemedicine service platform. We have quick access to Global skilled/experienced doctors, such as radiologists, cytologists, oncologists as second opinion network and knowledge sharing to support for Local diagnostics.


Radiology Services

Radiology services, Mother & Child services and Lab Medical services for quick local diagnostics and treatment of patients.


Healthcare Solutions

Sustainable and energy efficient off the grid mobile healthcare solutions (including solar cell, water and air purification, energy storage etc.)


Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Cost effective mobile healthcare solutions - Made in India.

Advanced healthcare products and services

Glocal Health India Nordic Private Limited is an Indian private liability company with the following shareholders:
Mr. Yachneet Pushkarna, Mr. Rajendra E Vikhe Patil, Glocal Health AB, Areola AB, Nordicflexhouse Technology Innovation Pvt Ltd.

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